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[Via Satellite 10-23-2015] Comtech EF Data has expanded its LPOD Block Up Converter (BUC) product family with the introduction of two new models, the 300-Watt LPOD and the 16-Watt LPOD-R. With the introduction of the higher power 300-Watt C-band model, the LPOD is now available in a wider range of power levels and bands, including 20 to 125-Watt in Ku band, 25 to 250-Watt in X band and 25 to 300-Watt in C band.

Comtech EF Data’s new 16-Watt P1dB / 20-Watt Psat Ku-band LPOD-R requires 110 Watts of power capability from a 24/48 Volts-of-Direct-Current (VDC) BUC power supply contained within the modem, and is designed to expand the range of throughput available from existing Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) or Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC) modems.

The LPOD is designed to eliminate the traditional requirement for the satellite modem to supply a DC power source and a 10 MHz reference to the BUCs and Low Noise Block downconverters (LNBs). The LPOD-R BUCs are more compact in size than the LPOD, providing a high-performance option for installations with limited available mounting space and where the full support of internal 10 MHz reference and redundancy are not required.

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