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ETL Systems Vulcan Matrix

ETL System’s 64 Inputs x 128 Outputs Distributive Hot-swap Part Populated Vulcan L-band Matrix. Photo: ETL Systems

[Via Satellite 01-27-2015] United Arab Emirates telecoms operator du has purchased three RF matrices from ETL Systems to add capacity to its Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) network. The telco has seen an increase in IPTV subscribers as new home service packages obtain access to more than 400 local and international channels through the du TV+ service. Du receives a significant number of these channels first by satellite before re-transmitting them though the company’s cable and fiber network to customers.

ETL Systems provided du with two 32 x 128 L-band Vortex Matrix systems — one in Dubai and another in Abu Dhabi for geo-redundancy purposes — and a 64 x 128 L-band Vulcan Matrix at du’s Samacom teleport. Mena Nets, a reseller partner for ETL Systems in Dubai, supported the deal.

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