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Gazprom Space Systems

Gazprom officials relocating the Yamal 300K satellite. Photo: Gazprom Space Systems

[Via Satellite 04-21-2015] Gazprom Space Systems on April 15 began its campaign to move the Yamal 300K satellite from the 90 degrees east orbital slot to a new location at 183 degrees east. The satellite is using electric propulsion to shift east at a rate of about three degrees per day. The company expects it will reach its new position in about six weeks, and be ready for commercial operation by the end of May.

The Yamal 300K satellite is equipped with Ku and C band transponders totaling 52 36-MHz Transponder Equivalents (TPEs). Gazprom Space Systems is using the Yamal 401 satellite for telemetry, command and ranging data, along with fiber optic lines. The mission control center in Shchelkovo, Russia is guiding the relocation with help from the eastern control center in Skvortsovo, and will continue subsequent operations once Yamal 300K has reached its new location. The satellite was originally launched on a Proton rocket in November 2012.

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