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VialiteHD RF Fiber

ViaLite Communication’s ViaLiteHD RF over fiber system. Photo: ViaLite Communications

[Via Satellite 04-17-2015] ViaLite Communications, manufacturer of RF over fiber equipment, has announced the supply of a ViaLiteHD system for Intelsat’s high performance EpicNG satellite platform. The ViaLite equipment will be installed at Intelsat’s Hagerstown, Md. ground station.

EpicNG is a fixed, High Throughput Satellite (HTS) service that features flexible beam technology and allows greater use of spectrum to increase throughput. Each EpicNG satellite carries up to five times more capacity than the current fleet. The first of six satellite launches is scheduled for early 2016.

ViaLiteHD fiber optic links are available as chassis mounted cards, small form factor modules and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) modules. A range of support modules and accessories including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) control, Ethernet, serial data, switches and splitters, indoor chassis equipment and weatherproof outdoor enclosures are also available.

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