MACOM Releases High Power 6-Watt Ka-band Power Amplifier – Satellite Today

[Via Satellite 05-04-2015] MACOM has introduced a high linearity 6-Watt power amplifier, designed especially for Ka-band high data density satellite communications and 5G Radio Access Networks (RAN).

The company’s new MAAP-011140-DIE is offered as a bare die, delivering 24 dB of linear gain, 6-Watts of saturated output power, and 23 percent power-added efficiency. The device provides more than 25 dBm POUT/tone while maintaining IM3 levels of 30 dBc. According to the company, the efficiency performance allows customers to operate remote Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) with lower power consumption and higher performance than alternative offerings. The 6-Watt PSAT enables greater transmission power and signal strength performance in critical military or civilian data link applications.

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