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NovelSat NS Modulator

NovelSat’s NS 1000, 2000 and 3000 modulators stacked. Photo: Novelsat

[Via Satellite 06-30-2015] NovelSat has made Transport Stream over IP (TSoIP) support immediately available across its full line of satellite transmission products. In satellite transmission, TSoIP makes it possible to send and receive compressed high definition video transport streams over long distances on any IP network. NovelSat added this feature based on increasing demand from the broadcast industry for IP-based satellite transmission.

When the TSoIP option is installed, NovelSat satellite transmission equipment – including satellite modulators, demodulators and a line of modems – can perform User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) encapsulation/de-encapsulation, remove or reduce IP jitter and implement Forward Error Correction (FEC) according to the SMPTE 2022 standard.

Satellite modems, modulators and demodulators from NovelSat are now able to run in Dual Channel mode with Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) and TSoIP inputs/outputs operating in parallel. TSoIP transmission on NovelSat devices operates at bit rates up to 216Mbps.


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