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Amos 5 Spacecom

Africa portion of Amos 5 Ku-band West-Central Beam

[Via Satellite 01-26-2015] Spacecom has won a multi-year contract to broadcast Africa Cable TV (ACTV), the newest pay-TV platform in Nigeria, from the Amos 5 satellite. The company will transmit more than 60 channels to Nigerian viewers, including both international and local content, from the satellite’s Ku-1 beam.

The ACTV deal on Amos 5 bolsters Spacecom’s video neighborhood at the 16-17 degrees East orbital position. In November Spacecom and Eutelsat partnered to cross-commercialize Ku-band capacity from Amos 5 and Eutelsat 16A at this orbital location. The combined channel lineup of both satellites comprises more than 100 FTA African and international channels in a footprint covering more than 30 million TV homes.

Amos 5 has three Ku-band beams and a pan-African C-band beam to provide services for broadcasters, telcos, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), governments and Multinational Corporations (MNCs).

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