Sri Lanka's first satellite set for launch – The Island

Sri Lanka will have its first partly owned satellite in the space soon. A private company, SupremeSAT, has taken every possible step to make this a reality and is expected to deploy the first Sri Lankan satellite at 87.5E, in the Geo-Stationary orbit, on November 22 from Xi-Chang in China. Addressing the media yesterday at the WTC in Colombo, to break the news of this novel joint venture, Chairman of the SupremeSAT (Pvt) Ltd., R. M. Manivannan said, “It will take place around 9.30 p.m. local time and in China at Midnight the same day. The satellite will be positioned in seven minutes’ just above the country over the Indian Ocean but it would start beaming into the region by early June 2013 for commercial purposes.” He said that the project was a joint venture with two Chinese state-owned companies, China Greatwall Industry Corporation and Sino Satellite Comunications Company Ltd. In addition, he said that Sri Lanka would have their fully owned satellite in 2015 at a cost of US $ 320 million. Asked how durable the satellite was, he said it would be for 15 years and by the time its function ended, they would deploy another satellite with the latest technology to the same location. The Sri Lankan company, which took a bold step in providing the facility and technology for Sri Lankans, had invested US$ 100 million in the entire project. Sri Lanka will be the 45th country to own a satellite in the world and also, the third country in the region, because India and Pakistan already have their own. He said that the project was fully invested by them and that they could help make Sri Lanka a ‘Knowledge Hub’ by providing satellite facility to potential clients at a cheap price and they could be proud as the country would have its own. He also said that this was a joint project and therefore flags of two countries would be fastened to the satellite and the public would be informed from time to time with the pictures describing its full development even in space.

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