SupremeSAT to open Pallekelle space academy this year


Shirajiv Sirimane, Daily News

For the first time in Asia and Africa, SupremeSAT will soon be unveiling it’s master plan of offering quality, most frequent satellite imagery “Free” to all farmers of Asia and Africa including Sri Lanka. The project will be commencing in Sri Lanka and the company intends to offer this facility to Sri Lankan farmers through the Agriculture Ministry contributing to the growth of the agricultural sector of Sri Lanka. “Under this program Asian farmers will be able to read weather patterns well in advance and plan their strategies accordingly,” SupremeSAT Chairman, R. M. Manivannan said. The company is now working on the design and manufacturing of SupremeSAT-2 satellite to secure larger regional market share whilst also focusing on setting up a constellation of ‘Low Earth Orbit” satellites. These smaller satellites will be used to generate high resolution imagery of the whole world. The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has also expressed it’s decision to the public on the proposed modifications of the license issued to SupremeSAT.

The modifications will allow SupremeSAT to offer “International Transit Services” and make use of Sri Lanka’s strategic location to attract valuable foreign exchange to it’s newly created ‘Space Industry”. “This is a great blessing to the local space industry. SupremeSAT has not only invested in telecommunications satellites but has also built a mega “Space Academy” cum ‘Satellite Control Station” in their ten acre site situated at the Pallekelle BOI Zone.The academy will open this year. The main aim of this investment is to make this facility as a international transit hub thus attractive large scale global space industry related services towards Sri Lanka. This will result in the generation of large scale employment, export earnings and technology transfer to our youth who are in need of hi-tech jobs and service opportunities.” Having launched SupremeSAT-1 and with the establishment of SupremeSAT-3 satellite capacity, SupremeSAT has already secured more than 90 percent of Sri Lankan market share.

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